Learning English For Kids

Learning English can be so much fun! With Bip Bap Bop you can learn new words, practice your spelling, and even play games!

Let's start with animals. Do you know the names of all your favorite animals in English? From dogs and cats to elephants and lions, we'll help you learn the names of all sorts of amazing creatures. With our free coloring pages you can color in pictures of your favorite animals too!

Next, let's travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs! We'll help you learn about different types of dinosaurs and what they looked like, from a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex to a small Velociraptor. With our coloring pages you can even bring these scary creatures back to life!

How about colors? Do you know the names of all the colors in English? We'll help you learn them all - from red to blue to green and more. And how about games! We've got "Odd One Out" challenges where you'll need to spot the animal or object that doesn't belong, and "Spot the Difference" games where you'll need to find the small differences between two pictures.
So, are you ready to learn English and have some fun at the same time? Let's get started!

Play, Create & Learn with Bip Bap Bop

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