Fun Facts About Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs were amazing creatures that lived a long, long time ago! Dinosaurs came in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some dinosaurs were huge, as big as a school bus, whilst others were as small as a chicken. Some dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs for food and had sharp teeth and big, strong legs to help them run, whilst others ate plants and had long necks so they could stretch up high to reach leaves on tall trees. Some dinosaurs had big spikes on their backs to protect themselves from danger. And can you imagine a dinosaur with wings? Yes, there were dinosaurs with wings too! Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, but we can still learn about them today. Scientists study their bones and fossils to find about what they looked like and how they lived. Can you imagine what it would have been like to see a dinosaur walking through the forest or flying through the sky? So join us on a journey to the past and learn all about these incredible creatures - the dinosaurs!

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