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Do you want to learn about the team at BipBapBop and what we are trying to accomplish? Well, you're in the right place!

The BipBapBop Mission

At BipBapBop we believe that learning should be child's play. That's why we're creating a 'wiki for kids', a safe, curated environment where parents and teachers can find fun and engaging content that will help kids play, create and learn.

We’re starting by creating coloring pages for kids, an organized assortment of high quality PDF printables, including both black and white outlines and colored-in examples. The PDF pictures are easy to find, free to download, and optimized for both US ‘Letter’ paper-size and the ‘A4’ paper standard that is used in the rest of the world.

We’re constantly adding more content and building new experiences to inspire your child's creativity and stimulate their thirst for knowledge, so please bookmark the BipBapBop website and check back regularly!

The History Of BipBapBop

BipBapBop was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2022. I'd been working in edTech for years and had stumbled across a problem. Mobile device penetration and online hours were growing for kids in all age ranges globally, but also increasing were isolation, loneliness and social issues. What would take children away from their screens?

Online there were lots of expensive educational apps available for kids, if you were willing to pay their subscriptions, but they just kept kids tied to their screens. The other solutions that were available at the time didn't seem very compelling, so I decided to do something about it - build a company that would inspire kids with fun creative tasks that was free for everyone to enjoy.

We aim to build a brand that is:


We want to create content that parents and teachers feel confident recommending to friends.

High Quality

We want to create fun images that you'll want to print out and your kids will love to color.

Easy to Access

Our site should be easy to navigate and the content freely available to anyone with an internet connection.


We aim to cover a broad range of topics and create a wide variety of images, so everyone feels at home here.

The BipBapBop Team

Currently BipBapBop has one full-time employee working with some amazing outsourcers, but we're hoping to hire some talented illustrators and a marketer soon in order to make our vision a reality!

Matthew Oldham
Hiring Illustrator Male
Hiring Marketer Female

Let Us Know How We're Doing

Getting feedback from your users is vital to ensure you're moving in the right direction. So, if you're a parent looking for a specific coloring page, or a teacher with great ideas on entertaining content for kids, we'd love to hear from you!

- Which coloring pages did you like? Are there any that you didn't like?
- Are there any themes for coloring pages that you'd like to see?
- How do you teach colors and coloring to kids?
- What kind of materials would be useful?

Please join the BipBapBop Discord to contribute to the conversation!

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