Fun Facts About Cows!

In the rolling hills and green pastures of the world lives a gentle and peaceful creature called the cow. There are black cows, brown cows, white cows, spotted cows and even stripey cows standing in fields all around the world munching happily on grass. Some people think that only the male bulls have horns, but that's not true! Originally both female cows and male bulls had horns to protect themselves from preditors like wolves or even lions if they lived in Africa! Over time farmers have bred cows to have smaller and smaller horns as that makes them easier to manage on their farms. Cows make milk for their calves and for us to drink. Cows milk is not only delicious itself but is also used to make yummy cheese. So next time you're out enjoying the beauty of the countryside, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the cow. 

Cow Videos For Kids

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